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What we offer

BITCOIN INNOVATIONS (UK) LTD. offers investors 3 investment plans for a minimum investment of $10 USD. The plans consist of Hourly,Daily paying plans and 4 expiry plans. The daily plans offer investors to receive their earnings 24 hours after depositing, in contrast to the expiry plans where investors have to wait for the expiration of their plan before they can see their earnings in their account. All payments are processed instantly after withdrawal request of your account balance. We are paying 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Why Bitcoin mining so interesting for us? First of all, because BITCOIN INNOVATIONS (UK) LTD. has own powerful mining hardware and enough skills to use it. Second, we have the best experienced technicians who know how to ensure uninterrupted processes and control the work of the mining rigs. Not long ago, barely anyone had even heard of Bitcoin. After its price skyrocketed in the fall of 2013 and after the spectacular crash in early 2014, more and more people became interested in this cryptocurrency, and some of them even started mining it. While it’s becoming more and more difficult to mine - BITCOIN INNOVATIONS (UK) LTD. uses the most powerful hardware for this process and getting the most profit. Currently, Bitcoin is quite frequently close to being the news of the day in the business section of every news portal. Usually due to its high price fluctuations and the stories of people it has made into millionaires.

High Returns, High Security, Great Community and instant payments

Our program is for those who wish you invest stress-free, and for those who value the benefits of high security and instant payments. Our program is designed to please members who simply want to be part of a great community and receive the best support the market can offer. Joining our program requires small investment of $10 USD and requires no work on your end to start earning high returns today. Join our team and start making money.

What we do

Instant payments 7 days a week
Nothing beats instant payments. You will receive your withdraw request instantly to all e-currencies after pressing the Withdrawal button. There is no waiting time. All earnings are credited 7 days a week so this means you can be getting paid instantly every day of the year.
Great community and support
You can join our forum discussions or our Facebook group to enjoy the presence of our great support and community of the like-minded members of BITCOIN INNOVATIONS (UK) LTD. Feel free to ask us anything through our support page.

Extended validation SSL
We are operating on an encrypted SSL connection. As our members have entrusted us with their money, BITCOIN INNOVATIONS (UK) LTD. holds a website identity assurance warranty of $1,750,000. This means that you are insured for up to $1,750,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on this site.
Powerful security
We take the security of our members' funds very serious. BITCOIN INNOVATIONS (UK) LTD has a highly secured and encrypted script, dedicated server and powerful DDoS protection. The execution of payments is monitored and secured. Members' payment information is locked in and once submitted it cannot be changed.

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